E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist
I was born and raised in Moscow. My mother is a financial worker, and my father is a professional athlete in horse trials, USSR champion, European medalist. For 7 years now, he has annually confirmed the title of champion of Russia. Currently is playing for the Russian Paralympic team.

Apparently, this original set influenced my ability to focus on the result and the skill to calculate the assets properly when achieving it, and it definitely affected my love for sports and passion for entrepreneurship.

By the way, as a child, I planned to start my business in Spain and, in many ways, the profound training in the Spanish language at school No. 168 made these plans quite feasible.

However, I wanted to start working here and now, without waiting for graduation, so I earned my first money helping to sell radio components in Luzhniki.

This is how my entrepreneurial journey has begun.
In 2009 I graduated from the Russian State University for the Humanities with a degree in World Economy, the same year I enrolled in the budgetary department of the postgraduate study of the Russian State Humanitarian University in the field of Economic Theory and successfully passed the candidate's minimum.
Studied management and business administration at RANEPA
Currently a graduate student in entrepreneurship at the University of Cambridge.
Became one of the first among Russian entrepreneurs to enroll in this program.
After getting a grant, in 2018 graduated from the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO with an MBA degree.
Now, as part of my studies, I am working on my dissertation "Business creation and development in countries with a transitional type of economy on the example of Russia."
In 2015, with the project “Mr. Pit Healthy fast food” he won the Noubar Afeyan Prize in the “Best Environmental Startup” nomination.

Got a scholarship for free education at Skolkovo StartUp Academy, successfully graduated.
I had many different businesses: successful, unsuccessful, long-term and short ones, but all this time I’ve never stopped learning.
Has been professionally engaged in taekwondo since childhood. The holder of the first-dan WTF Black Belt.

Since the age of 17, had successfully performed as a DJ in many fashionable clubs in Moscow.
Later, this experience helped in opening my own first business - London nightclub.

I still love good music.
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