Honesty & integrity
Founder and co-owner of successful startups in IT, environmental, transport, restaurant and club business.
Founder of projects in various fields of the economy
Aleksander Kolosov
Finalist of several international entrepreneurship competitions, including the World Entrepreneurship Championship 2020.
If you understand you can endure failures, difficulties, lack of money, and then get up, dust yourself off and move on, you can most likely become an entrepreneur. Perhaps, you’ve already become one.
Finalist of EY Entrepreneur Of The Year
Just a year after its opening, the venue was recognized as the best nightclub in Russia.
For several years, it had been one of the best dance bars in Moscow.
According to Afisha.ru, was one of the best healthy food restaurants in Moscow
A growing business that employs over 200 people.
Mental health service «DigitalHealth»
The actively developing b2b direction is preparing to enter the European market.
Recycling, cost reduction, access to a new sustainable protein source
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